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From the beginning, the main aim of AB Living has been to create dream homes, properties around the sea and the coast, addressed to people who look for exclusivity, comfort and design. AB Living is a Real Estate Boutique, with a customized service, where our target is to know the exact requirements and needs of our clients and which live style they like; and offer them the most suitable product according to their needs within our property portfolio or trough our independent Real Estate intermediation service with a strong marketing program of luxury properties; to find the ideal home for you; whether you look for an apartment, a detached villa or a sea front line land to build your dream home; or a commercial site to settle your business or office, or even develop a high standard hotel resort.


  • Residential

    Imagine for a moment a place where everything is thought to enjoy each moment, an innovative and comfortable place where you can enjoy an exceptional environment. In AB Living, we bring the art of living to your home.

  • Hotel

    Our expertise in the field allows us to maximize any investment in this area.

    We take part in projects of hotel development as well as of existing assets projects. We accompany you in each step of your project to make it real; from the asset and operator search to define a business plan or management control, both from financial level to quality level;  becoming  a perfect ally to any owner.

  • Commercial

    Our commercial developments have to help the success of your business, for that purpose,  we choose the optimal locations and we develop each proyect thinking on your interests as if they were ours.

  • Office

    We put at your disposal our knowledge and experience to create or search for the space you need to develop your corporate activity. Our services comprehend from the creation, to the management of your space so you can optimize your time in productivity while enjoying the comfort, and modern style of our proyects.

  • Concierge Service

    When you become owner of a residence abroad, your property needs attentions to keep it in perfect conditions until your next visit; therefore, with AB Living you will not have to worry for the services your home might need. Our team will look after all your home needs at all times and will take care of all details with great dedication. While you are at your residence, the complete team atAB Living will be at our entire disposal with all their range of services, for you to relax and enjoy your stay.

    Some of the services available for the owners of the AB Living Residences are as follows:

    – Concierge Service (reservations and bookings in restaurants, hotels, golf; tickets for shows or events, Baby sitter, etc.)
    – Transfer Service, yacht or helicopter rental
    – Real Estate Management Services *, which would allow you to obtain profitability from your investment by renting your property trough ABLiving
    – Cleaning and Maintenance Service
    – Legal Advice
    – Fiscal & Tax Advice

    Those services would be charged in accordance with the price list in force at the time.
    *Subject to availability

  • Land management

    Land management is a process which requires a high knowledge of the urban and environmental legislation as well as the Government administration. All starts with a correct planning and a thorough analysis so each project is undertaken in the foreseen terms and according to the established results.  In AB LIVING we focus on the land management process, from the time before the acquisition and all the procedures, to have it ready for the future promotion and the launch in the optimal market situation.

    AB LIVING performs the necessary tasks for the land management and its development. Thanks to an experienced juridical and urban team, our service comprehends the processing and management of Real Estate projects, dealing with Public Administrations, as well as the integral intervention in the process of urbanization (coordination of all the relevant parts intervening in the process, hiring and economic management of the building work, infrastructures, supplies, etc.) preparing everything for the land development focused on make use of this economic resource in the most efficient manner.

    We have more than 25 years of experience developing projects in a professional and effective manner.

  • Real Estate Assets Management

    AB LIVING management and administration of Real Estate assets is based in a complete range of personalized services which optimize the real estate assets with the aim to obtain the maximum profitability of the properties in accordance with their characteristics, the market situation and the investor’s target. Simultaneously, AB LIVING also focuses on constantly safeguard the asset security increasing the quality of the lessee (guarantees analysis and follow up of it commercial operation) and offering him a substantial improvement of the services.

    With this service, AB LIVING obtains the maximum profitability of the assets which management is entrusted to us, based on its characteristics, the market and the particular aims of each investor.  Our ample knowledge on operations in different commercial segments provides a specific value.

    In this area we undertake the management that the properties require, like conservation, maintenance and legal defense; and in a more ample way, the Real Estate management, rent management, acquisitions and sales to a global level, maximizing the value, which is the aim we pursue in each action

  • Asset Management

    With its great experience, AB Living has the mission to obtain the maximum return possible from your investments in accordance with your needs and assets. From refurbishments to intermediation, rental or sale, to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit out your investments.