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Healthy homes

In AB Living we believe that the most illustrative example of well-being is an optimum state of health, and not only is health associated with our eating habits and our daily behavior, but also with the surroundings and the lifestyle that defines us.

With this in mind, the Technical Team at AB Living has being developing  this innovative resi­dential concept, creating a unique and exclusive places, in harmony with the environment and with a modern and sophisticated style of architecture that blends in perfectly with the environment.

Our homes are intended to stimulate your senses and improve your general state of health, in line with a housing concept associated with the philosophy to preserve your health and reduce the impact that each element of the environment has on your body, and also to enhance the positive effects of living in one of the world’s best microclimates, in the Mediterranean Coast.


The Healthy Homes concept involves from:

  • The mind
  • The air you breath in
  • The water
  • Cromotherapy
  • Comfort
  • The environment
  • The aromas
  • The materials
  • The possibility to enjoy outdoor activities

All this so your daily life is a pleasant and enriching experience to all levels.